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Application - StormWielder

Started by StormWielder, April 14, 2011, 04:57:52 pm

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Hello All,

I am an oldtimer (gaaawwwwddddd 42 and still gaming!!!), but love the game so far.

My stats are:

6/6/4/2/1  (so much for mining)

I bounce around space a lot.  Even tried my hand escorting a voy through Serco space at 3/3/2/....(bad idea)
I have been fighting in Deneb since getting combat missions.  Love the skirmishes.  Doing lots of the secret missions for Itan when they pop up at the stations.

And love pissing off the rats.  TBF thought to bottle me up in Latos station.  Shook him after 5 jumps.  Bobba likes me for some reason.  Chased me for 3 jumps.....4th one he anticipated the wormhole and I hit the brakes.  ooopppsss....no kill for you!

I may not have good weaps or ships yet.  Hell, my combat style may not be the best.  But I love mixing it up and doing combat.  Will even do my part mining when needed.  (I typically play fantasy MMORPG....Perfect World, GuildWars.....always a wizard....always try to be the tank.....so not afraid of the fighting.  LOL)

Would love to join and see how much better combat can get.


Waffles of Soggy

* Waffles of Soggy will be keeping a keen eye out this recruit.

Can't wait to see you out there!
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It was a pleasure flying with you last night, StormWielder. Though we lost that battle, let's hope we fight and win many more.

I'll put in a good word with the officers for you.

- ARF_01


Thanks ARF. Don't feel there was much pleasure when can't be sure if laptop was an issue last night.  I will get back on busting the blockade when on home pc with you and see if that makes the difference. 

It was fun flying with you!


Welcome to [Itan]! :)


Thank you slime.  Hope I do the guild proud.

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