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Application: total_gej

Started by total_gej, April 13, 2011, 03:49:02 pm

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I am 23yo from Czech republic. I started to play this game coz it looks like freespace or freelancer, and those are my favorite  games.  In VO I mainly focus on border skirmish and hive skirmish. I want to join ITAN for coordinated fights with serco. I dont like pirates coz I am sill weak in PvP My licences are 6/7/4/3/3.
SO I hope that u ll accept me.

Waffles of Soggy

Thanks for applying! We'll be keeping an eye our for you ingame.
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Baekma Goji

see you in deneb!
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Foo Fighter

+1 to total_gej for helping Ipslet and I take the fight to the Serco [ONE] around Bractus conq. station.
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 I dont want to push you, just want to know if I am supposed to prove myself or anything.


Its not that, one of the main guys that accepts people into Itan "Waffles of Soggy" is in the middle of a cross-country move right not]w so he's not on/around right now. There are a few others who can accept you, but I'm not sure who they are and you need to catch them. Stick around, we are worth the wait I promise, just be on the lookout for Itan members and remind them you are looking to join.

Foo Fighter

the Commander or any of the 2 Lieutenants:
Waffles of Soggy;
CrazySpence and Slime
good luck I hope you run into them :-)
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