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Eiti's application.

Started by Eiti, August 02, 2008, 01:43:01 am

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Hello all - fun time in Edras tonight!  Thanks!

I'm a subscriber, and I've really enjoyed this game so far - I intend to stick around for a while.
6/6/3/2/1, entirely from bots and missions.  I've been playing for a bit - signed up on April 1st.
    Not much play-time lately, as I've been pretty busy IRL, but I intend to find time to play in the near future.
    I like, in no particular order, the general PVP, botting, and just sort of flying around.  Oh yeah, I really like border skirmish, too.
    I seem to need to work on my PVP skills.  It seems that I'm close to holding my own 1 on 1 as long as the other person isn't using flares.
        I don't really use flares much, and I find that I die very quickly if I'm going up against them.  I prefer smaller ships, Vults or Cents, mostly.
        Sometimes I fly a warthog, though.  I could also use some help with techniques for flying as a member of a group - I worry about what it will
        be like when friendly fire gets removed.

I have 1 alt, named Dioran, 5/7/5/4/1.  He's UIT, currently guilded with CLM.  I haven't logged on to that char in quite a while, and I was considering deleting him soon.  Pirating . . . not so much what I want to be doing with my time.

Again, thanks for letting me group in Edras tonight! I had a lot of fun!


Hey welcome! It was fun shooting those red heads

CLM eh? ...


Sorry I haven't been around lately.  Home repairs come before flight time, and also make me very tired.  I hope to be around more this week.

Yeah - CLM.  I'm not very interested in the trade angle of the game - much more into the combat.  One day, I ended up getting blown up by Mystic a few times - had fun, decided to join up.  Wasn't for me.  Interesting bunch of players, though.

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