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Estrian Prosis Application Form

Started by Estrian, February 02, 2008, 02:33:22 am

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   Subscription Status:   -         -            -                           Subscriber: 1 month Recurrer
   Levels                    -                                 -        -        Combat 10 /Light 10 /Heavy 10 /Trade 9 /Mining 4
   How long you've been playing Vendetta:                            Since May, 2007
      In game activities you like doing -     -      -      -      PvP, Border Activities, Queening, Trading and Mining
      What you'd like help with
      What you expect from [Itan] -         -              -       I don't expect anything but an active guild

Take me into consideration, Thanks.
-Estrian Prosis :) Itani


looks good from where im sittin Estrian hope the higher ups see it too hope to catch you wearin ITAN soon

ender w

Please be more specific about what you want from ITAN.  Our guild leadership needs diretion.  Welcome aboard when they invite you!


He's already in. :P

Welcome to Itan!

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