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Read Me before posting your application

Started by Sagiv Kor, January 27, 2008, 11:19:12 am

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Sagiv Kor

January 27, 2008, 11:19:12 am Last Edit: August 26, 2008, 01:11:37 am by iry
[Itan] Entry Information
When Positing your application be sure to include the following.
   Subscription Status
   Levels (Combat/Light/Heavy/Trade/Mining)
   How long you've been playing Vendetta
      In game activities you like doing
      What you'd like help with
      What you expect from [Itan]
We're interested in all types of pilots.  Even if PvP isn't your strong point and you're mostly a trader/miner, we still have a spot for you.  With the increasing appearance of crafting based missions and mineral badges, we'd like to have the diversity we need to keep up with VO as it grows. 

Requirements for Joining

   Combat 3 (3/0/0/0/0) or Combat 1 and Trade Level 3 (1/0/0/3/0)
Registered at COI (
   Try to check in once a week
      Let us know you're alive!
   Vote in the Elections
   Contribute to discussions
      Discussions of guild activities etc.

Guild Rules

   No Pirating under the [Itan] Flag
      If you want to pirate make an alt

   Do not engage friendly guilds in non consensual combat

   Uphold Itan's reputation
      No Spam 'n Run
         As a general rule don't use swarms in PvP
      Hail first in 1v1 situations (I.E. Sedina B-8)
         No fleeing from a fight
      Keep your language clean on public channels
      No Chat Spam - EX. No "singing" on public channels
      Do not "infiltrate" friendly guilds
         When joining a guild be open and truthful

   Do not betray guild knowledge
      Location of CtC Haulers
      Operations Plans
      Active Trade Routes
      Access to guild bots/relays/servers

A certain degree of maturity is expected from Itan members

Expellable Offenses

   Intentionally Tainting Itan's Image

   Attacking / harassing the Pilots of Friendly guilds
   Noob Griefing
      Camping outside a station to PK new players
   Betrayal of Guild Knowledge
      Using Itan membership to feed information to outsiders
         I.E. Sharing Itan forum account with non guild members
      Attacks on non Serco or Friendly trading vessels for self gain.
         I.E. - Camping a wormhole and charging a toll
      Non Consensual fights with members of friendly guilds

   Blatant disregard for Itan's reputation

   Excessive chat spam on multiple occasions

Hostile Parties
By joining [Itan] you are placing yourself on the hostilities list of following and may come under attack when you encounter them. 

Be warned, several of the following may attack regardless of what guild tag you wear.

   SkyCommand Assault Regiment
      Serco Military guild
      We are at war, don't expect any slack

   Serco Defense Force
      Serco Military guild
      Like SCAR we are at war.

   Cargo Liberation Movement
      Pirate guild
      If you have cargo be prepared to defend it
      May try and charge passage fees despite lack of cargo

   The Syndicate
      Pirate guild
      Same as CLM however they tend to be "meaner"
      Don't expect warning prior to an attack

   Shades of Red
      Mostly inactive, only one or two active members remain
         Mr Spuck
      Hostile towards Itan pilots
         Don't expect warning prior to an attack
         Known to attack in station sectors
         May use swarm missiles

   Hostile Players

   Roda Slane
      Starts a grudge at a glance
      Dislikes several guilds including Itan
      Typically attacks on sight
      Skilled at PvP
         Usually mounts at least one flare launcher
      Will run if the odds are not in his favor
         2 v 1 he considers grounds for running
      Has high standing in Itani space and with several factions
         Do not kill in monitored space


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