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LunarMan Wants To Join

Started by LunarMan, December 02, 2007, 06:03:04 pm

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I need a guild so plz let me join yer guild


Levels: 2/2/2/2/1

Subscription Level: 1 Mont

Time On VO Every Day: 2/5 Hour

Waffles of Soggy

I saw him at the NW today. Seems cool enough. :)
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Little Doom

December 02, 2007, 07:27:54 pm Last Edit: December 02, 2007, 07:31:57 pm by Little Doom

Time On VO Every Day: 2/5 Hour

Does that mean "two out of every five hours" or "2/5ths of an hour (24 minutes)"?

24 minutes or 9 hours 48 minutes ?

That's a big range.

P.S. Notice the time of the quote. APRIL FOOLS!

Epic fail.

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