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Application: Esona Tolol

Started by Esona Tolol, November 26, 2007, 09:39:36 pm

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Esona Tolol

Hi there, would like an invite into Itan. Think it will fit me better than any other guild.

MR. Bean

need more info.
like your stats and how long youve played and any people that have reccomended you to join.

Mr. Bean, giving you excess smilies since 4433. Oh, wait. Not anymore 'cause Leber's gonna take away his ability to post smilies.

Sagiv Kor

Talked with Esona a bit


Been playing a week so far
Currently subscribed via the 1 month retail box
Plans on subscribing afterwards

Waffles of Soggy

haven't heard of a retail box in a while. Nice.
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Welcome to Itan :D


Welcome to Itan. :D
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Glad to have met you last night Esona welcome to the fold

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