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EMS and ORE = DO NOT SHOOT, even if they're Serco.

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Tertior left BOFH

Started by Tertior, October 06, 2007, 04:24:31 am

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Hey, already in first i dont speak english, so it's hard to me to answer; i understand a little enough to play in Vendetta with members guild.
I'm French, 48 years arf.. and stoped Vendetta quasi 2 years to play WOW. My older Guild (BOFH) seems dead and i find a new Guild. My stats 9/11/9/9/2 KB3935/140
PK 29 (27 Sercos & 2 UIT) the 2 uit are allies of serco...I played Vendetta since Origin of game.
One thing yet, for me  run when you have between 1% and 9% of life face has someone which has 50% more of life seems me to make party of the play, so the last run what i do,i was to 1% of life only; if i cant run in this guild dont accept me.sorry
I hope that law is not fix, I fight with honnor and bravour but i'm not stupid so..
I hope what you undertand what i'm 'saying ^^
Cordialy Tertior
No Swarms missile ok, but avallon is authorised? muhahaha died the sercos

Foo Fighter

October 06, 2007, 05:25:57 am Last Edit: October 06, 2007, 05:31:56 am by Foo Fighter

I propose Tertior, he's a good guy.

However, I need to reach an agreement with him about that point on winning / dieing and running. 

on se parlera ? La regle pour no running est fundamentale pour notre code d'honneur. Mais mourrir n'es pas grave en VO, ca ne coutes que dalle.
Il y a des exceptions (qd plusieurs pirates essayent de te ganker sans ton consentement, dans une ambuscade).
(Evidamment si t'a un charactere avec 1 ou 2 deaths et 200 PK, c'est un grand truc - alors ne rejoins pas ITAN. Mais t'a plus de 117 deaths ... la plupart contre des bots?. J'ai 340 deaths et 680 PK, et je veux atteindre un rapport PK : death superieur a 1.0, mais je ne courrirai jamais de l'engagement.)
Gagner est bon pour ma fierte' et ma gloire, et perdre fais mal a ma fierte';  Remplacer des vaissaux ne coutes rien. Mais construire une Reputation est un effort. Et courrir detruit notre Reputation. Si je me suis bien battu, et j'ai qd meme perdu, au moins je me suis battu avec coeur et honneur. Voila bon, on se parlera

-- Foo Fighter
Semper Fide


Yesterday,i'm fighted with Kalb,he was 10% of life and me 3% ,i finished the duel; chasing someone with 1% of life is a challange too. I kill only veterans of Vendetta never noobies and when i run is a front of veteran or i make the kamikaze tecnik (triflare vakl)
Kill a runner is a exploit and is good for the gameplay i thinks; and reputation for Itanis? bah Itanis is a good runnner muahaha .Ok i dont run i explode only h

MR. Bean

no more avalons im afraid.

Mr. Bean, giving you excess smilies since 4433. Oh, wait. Not anymore 'cause Leber's gonna take away his ability to post smilies.

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