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Looking for an guild

Started by faust star, October 05, 2007, 03:06:56 pm

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faust star

I'm looking for a guild to join that has honor and no allies with pirate or serco guilds i always fight with honor i do not use swarms and if i start a fight i finish it.The only time i will run is with xith on board,this is the only time . I would like to join ITAN i think in my opion that they are an honorable guild.

thank you for your consideration

faust star
Faust Star


I think you would be a good addition faust what do the rest of you think?


I've worked with this pilot, it was a good experience.

Foo Fighter


I will act as his "proposer"

thanks for seconding 8)

Faust Star - just see me or drazed or Omega 0 ingame, anytime.

Oh and excellent work with the Xith. I've given the serco the slip many times with Xith, and sometimes come a cropper. hehe.
Semper Fide

Little Doom

With his ASTOUNDING speech, how could I say "GET LOST!" Faust, you seem fine for the team.

I'm the only one that you should be afraid of though.

Muhahahahaha.......*chuckles until his stomach bursts*

Epic fail.

DD       OO       OO     M       M
D  D   O    O   O    O   MM   MM
D  D   O    O   O    O   M M M M
DD       OO       OO     M   M  M

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