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Yellow X application

Started by Kevin (Yellow X), June 21, 2015, 06:41:37 pm

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Kevin (Yellow X)

ID like to join [IT AN]  My license are 5/4/4/5/4 and I am ITAN faction.


How did you dig up a thread from 2006? Lol

Edit: split into its own thread


Hello Yellow X, you're blue! Other than being part of the mute mob as a 1-2 day VOld newb I've had good in-game experiences with candidate Yellow X. He's gone with me on several farming expeditions and has a decent grasp of VO already. He is also pretty good at following instructions, except the time he ate my TU mine when I was doing BioCom R& least I didn't fail the mission!  I endorse his candidacy and ask for an officer to approve his app and invite him. Thanks.

Arianna Shadowhawke

Welcome to VO, Yellow. Hope to see you in ITAN soon.


Welcome to the guild.  8)


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