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Application: Jetter

Started by Jetter, August 19, 2014, 11:40:28 pm

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Hello! I'm Jetter, and I would like to apply.

I've been playing for a little over a week now and I like what I've seen in VO.

I do a bit of everything, but I'm having the most fun with small hive skirmishes. There's only so much I can do alone though, and I'd really like to try some bigger battles with a group. I've stayed away from any chance of PvP because of my noob-level skills and tendency to explode when exposed to too much weapons fire, but it sounds fun to at least try once I develop my skills a bit. When I'm playing on my phone I do mining and trading, I just can't control my ship well enough on my tiny touchscreen to do anything else. I also want to look into making plugins at some point, I'm a hobbyist programmer and from poking around in the lua files of what I've downloaded it looks like there's a lot of possibilities.

What do I expect from [Itan]? Getting to know people! Doing group stuff! Learning things!

My time zone is EST, and I'm generally most active from evenings to late night.


Hi Jetter,

Most of us keep an eye on channel 11 so when in-game ask for us there and we'll reply.  I agree that group activities are a lot of fun.  Sometimes we are spread out, sometimes concentrated in a smaller area area like Deneb, Pelatus or Latos.  But contact us and we'll tell you what we're doing and how to hook up with us for whatever activity we are doing.  If we're in a battle with our enemies we can always use a turret gunner, it's a fairly safe way to join in the fun. :)



cool Hope to see you ingame let us know when you are usually on :)
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I'm also on during evenings and night eastern time. I'll try to get in touch with you next time I log in.



Hi Hi, welcome etc....


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Welcome. Yes Turret Gunning when you're new is really fun and the scenery while hitching the ride is really neat. Someone should organize another Trident race. :-)

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