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Started by DataCat333, July 14, 2014, 07:16:27 pm

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Hello my name is DataCat333 in Vendetta Online and I am a hardcore Itani and I was sent by Zok, a little bit about myself is that I am a fun guy who loves jokes, thanks for listening!


he's on quite a bit Beugler has seen him help out in Deneb and anyone with the brass to get kos uit already has potential. the other day I helped him escape uit space, those uit turrets are no joke.
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UIT KOS isn't hard to get. All you've gotta do is take that "Assassination" mission before you've got an idea about what's up. :P

Anyway, if I see you in-game, i'll toss you an invite.


Hey mate, hope to see you ingame.

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