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Application - Kagadar

Started by Kagadar, May 16, 2014, 09:43:13 pm

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Hello Coalition of Itan members,

Just to get the formalities out of the way:

  • I made my account ~5 days ago

  • I have an active 1 month subscription, 4 days in

  • My license status is 5/4/2/2/2

  • My Itani Nation standing is 'Admire' +834

  • I was referred to this guild by the player 'Zok', after he provided me with some much appreciated assistance with getting started

  • I have plenty of "team player" experience, from several thousand matches across several MOBAs

Now the informal spiel,

I'm an Australian gamer and University student, so the times that I'm online might not always be "normal" given that my timezone is UTC+10.
I'm doing Computer Science and Technology, and I'll probably be trying my hand at plugin design sooner or later.

Space games are one of my guilty pleasures; I've played a lot of 6-DOF shooting games, ranging from the three 'Elite' games, the Descent series, StarLancer and Freelancer, Allegiance (even have a boxed copy of that one), X2, X3, and sadly X: Rebirth.

I quite enjoy dogfighting combat, and as much as I despise the "drag" physics that this game uses from a technical standpoint, I'm glad it's there for combat purposes.

I've been participating in the Metana and Cantus Hive Skirmish missions for the past day, and I find them to be pretty good adrenaline rush (and profitable enterprise), so I guess combat would be my favourite in-game activity.

My expectations from [ITAN] would be to provide an environment in which I can both learn the game and participate in group scale activities.

I'm definitely prepared to be in this game for the long haul, but that really depends on how engaging the game remains at higher levels of play. I'm interested in participating in border conflicts, and enjoy PvP in general, but I haven't actually tried it yet.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my application,

Jacob Helios

Hehehe, yes, yes, a thousand times yes! You seem (in my opinion) to have one of the best applications that can be found on this forum, and that's coming from a guy with a 'perfect' application  :P. I would be glad to have you as a guildmate and feel that you would get along with most if not all of the terrific people in this guild, I hope that the council in all its wisdom accepts your request for entry into this guild :)😜😔
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Arianna Shadowhawke

May 17, 2014, 03:57:42 am Last Edit: May 17, 2014, 05:23:09 am by Arianna Shadowhawke
Haven't yet met you in-game, however I'm usually game to welcoming new and enthusiastic members to our guild. That you are an experienced space combat mmo player helps too. :-)


Ooh another Aussie in uni, where abouts mate?


Second year at USyd.

I've seen you on channel 100 a few times Arianna, something about honking at other players.


FINALLY, Sydney. I'm doing B Information Tech @ Wollongong. Nice to meet ya. I'm LT Panther :P


We played together hunting queens in Jallick etc he's cool
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Arianna Shadowhawke

Now I'm out here on American freeways honking at other drivers. :-)

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