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Started by Heorodtics, March 23, 2014, 05:51:52 pm

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It took some time to get my PC up and running but like I said I would aply.  I read and tring to understand the rules.  I never been in a duel and need to get my PC set up for the game, I don't know how to hail.  I don't see anything as unreasonable, I just have not played long enough to know these things or just ignored them on my android tablet.  I am 12/9/9/5/0.  I don't mine, I don't trade much.  I like deneb.  It is why I subscribe to this game.  It is where you would find me unless I am working on getting more money for deneb.

The main reason is in every fight I had a partner in it was an itan, like one of the arfs today.  One player gave me two Avalon's to look at this site, beugler.  Another gave me a discount on avalons.  I seen only good people in your guild so far, it has impressed me.  I have no issue with showing a screen cap of my characters, just the uit in there I don't use much since finding deneb, and this one.  I realized now it could make a good money maker since it has a better trade rating.  I would love it if there was a money transfer thing. 

I live on the east coast.  I am not sure if I keep regular hours.  I think I answered everything.  I understand if my being a noob is an issue.  I hope to get some PvP in now I have unpacked my computer.  I just moved a long way.  I am in no rush, I looked in the forums on guilds and I would not join any other.  Please ask any questions you like.   I think it says already but my name is Heorodtics.  I don't remember why I wrote that.  I think just spelled the historians name wrong, Herodotus.  Which is not unlike me, I butcher the language. 


Glad you applied.  When you are in-game make some noise on channel 11 and someone will find you :)


Welcome to the forums mate, glad to see you applied. We'll have a chat in-game and go from there :)

Arianna Shadowhawke

Welcome. If you wanna do some Queen hunting or practice PvP against an intermediate skilled PvPer give me holler in game. I can be found doing stuff just about anywhere and am always looking for group things to enjoy. Fly Safe.


We can go queen hunting.  I think I did my 17th yesterday . I never had any help, it be nice for once.  I try to have one ragnarok set up for queen killing in most itani systems, 4 missiles, one law enforcement, axis posi, Gauss or neutron as  set up. I have a few law enforcements but hate to use them. 

I need to get my PC working better for this game.  It runs great, looks great, but I have not figured out the best keyboard setup.  I should look up what freelancer had or wing commander to get a start. It has been a long time since I played a space game. I need to look up plugins too.  I have a stack of keyboards that I am going through right now.  I am on my third, a dell, it seems better for my hands, but is missing F5.  I have more to try. I am not a computer expert, I just have lots of parts.  Long story behind that.  I wanted my Linux machine to run this but I should learn how to use Linux first. It should not be difficult. 

I would be slaughtered in PvP right now but look forward to it once I am set up.  All my PvP kills happened in deneb, 13, when I was using a ragnarok I have set up for bombing runs, and I know swarms are not used in duels.  I think a 22 missile voly followed by chase and another voly made it easy. two  might have been in a Valkyrie with all Geminis when I chased down a player in deneb who tried to jump away from a fighter skirmish.   They don't show up as deneb kills. I also think I killed one of you guys by accident in deneb.  Sorry if I write a bit much here.  I can ramble.

  I have the 1, 11, 100, 201, 202 open on my computer.  More on my tablet, I keep track when I hear ones being used.  I have some free time today to try and figure out getting my keyboard set up.  Mail me if anybody wants to hunt a queen.  Or if you want SSS, I have a few loads but most is spread out.  I don't see myself building a cap ship for a long time. 


Welcome to the guild.  :)

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