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Member Application

Started by Ziarivy, February 14, 2014, 04:42:54 pm

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Hey! My name in-game is Ziarivy as well, I am Admired by Itani (+992 currently) and have about 9 months before my full subscription runs out again (but I'll certainly resub). I have been playing since late March of 2011, so I definitely have a decent amount of experience with VO. My licenses are currently 9/9/7/5/6. I like all combat, especially the Deneb wars and PvP, although I love manufacturing/trading quite a bit too. I have absolutely no problems with any rules/requirements and agree and will live up to every single one. Can't wait to be flying alongside all of you! :)


sounds good I hope our officers can catch you online soon.
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Hey ziarivy. Glad to see you decided to apply! I hope to see you in game!


Welcome to the guild.

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