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Started by Smittens, February 11, 2014, 09:10:09 pm

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- I would like to apply for reinstatement to the ranks of this guild. I am currently on a 1 month sub that it set up to renew automatically.
- I have combat license > 3
- My main activities/play times etc can be seen in the Intros thread
- My history is dark, ugly, and screams for atonement. I hope to one day earn that redemption alongside fellow Itan pilots
- Although I would like to practice the life of a pacifist monk, I fully expect the duties of Itan to require getting into my valk and blasting things

Thank you for your consideration


If you wouldn't mind cluing us in who weren't around for ancient Itan history, why exactly did you leave the guild?


My memory could be wrong, but last I remember I was actually in Itan, so I assume I was (rightly) kicked during an inactive-member purge or something



Thank you! It's truly an honor to accept your invitation, Commander ARF!

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