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Zok's app

Started by Zok, January 27, 2014, 05:36:42 pm

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I just realized I'm telling everyone to do this when I have not done it myself all I did was register so here it is.

Hair: blue
Eyes: Blond
Skin: blue
height: 3 apples

Turn ons: forbidden fruit, Sedina Chocolate, Serco women, pork chops, and hamburger made with sacred cattle.
Turn off: Jealousy, mean people, and Euphemisms.

Perfect Date: a Serco Chick with all the right parts handy.

Goals: to save the Universe from the tyrannical Serco and one day help destroy the HAC in Sol II training sector.

Desires anything I don't have.

Thank you for reading my application to Itan I hope you approve.

Zok The Deliverer
Shrewd as Obadiah Stane Compassionate as Tony Stark looks, talks, acts like Lil' Abner.



Okay, lets go destroy the HAC in Sol II training sector.  Schedule the armada.


That's how you know you're old. They've been putting connies in the training sectors for years now. :)

*Stamp of Approval*

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