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Deino's admission request

Started by Deinos, May 02, 2013, 04:28:29 pm

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Hi, my name is Deinos and i would like to apply into the coalition. Let me start telling you that i do not have the requirements the coalition looks for (i have 3/3/3/2/0 licenses). But i just started 3 days ago and with a little practice i will get to the license 4 in combat. I would like to apply since i feel i have much to learn, and don't know where to start and need guidance. Please listen to my application request and think about it! i'm a fast learner, an eager student and very much into role-playing. This is my first time playing a MMO, and in this huge universe i'm feeling kinda lonely. I love space combat, team missions, courier or anything that is for a group of space travellers working together!!

As for general times in on the game its complicated. I'm from Argentina, which is a completly different time zone from most of you, probably. But in the other hand, i'm an investigator (biology sciences) which means i manage my own times and can ALWAYS manage to log on a computer to play a couple of hours when needed/requested as long as it is with a little anticipation. I am available for e-mail notifications or if it is necessary, skype, msn, facebook, or any social media in that case to be in touch fast and effectively. I don't currently own any other characters other than Deinos.

i accept Itan's policies and wait for your reply,

Baekma Goji

Welcome to the Coalition of Itan, see you in the 'verse.
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THANK YOU!  i hope i become a great space warrior and kick some Secro ASS (especially that of Mr. Chaos... ive been in this game for 4 days and already have a sworn enemy jaja)


Yeah Mr. Chaos has a lot of enemies. There's another guy who recently joined and he wants Chaos's head on a pike, also.

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