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Application : Ven0m

Started by ven0m, March 23, 2011, 08:53:02 pm

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Hi all i have recently started playing this game and love it, i have become friendly with Ipslet who has helped me out a lot and suggested i apply to join [ITAN] , my licenses are 4/5/2/2/1 and im very close to levelling most of them. I like to trade and take part in border skirmishes and will do what i can to help the guild if accepted, i am a wing man you can rely on and a trader who is true to his word :)


Ooooo, a wing man who is "friendly" with Isplet.... sound like my kind of guy.  ;)

Just playing.

Well hey, nice to meet you, and I hope to see in in some boarder skirmishes... or any serco killing activity is fine with me.

Waffles of Soggy

We'll be looking for you. See you out there!
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Welcome to the guild. :)


Thanks guys, since joining i already learned a LOT i shall serve our cause well!!!!  8) ;D


See you in Deneb.
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