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Application: Micool

Started by Micool, December 14, 2010, 02:37:05 am

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December 14, 2010, 02:37:05 am Last Edit: December 14, 2010, 05:11:42 pm by Micool
Hi, I’m Micool, a dedicated combat pilot of the Itani.

I’ve only been playing for a few weeks, but I am a fast, dedicated, and very determined learner. I have been looking for a fairly “deep” game with “reason” to continue playing and I believe I have found it in Vendetta. Border Skirmish and Hive Skirmish have thus far been my favourite activities, and I’m really enjoying them, especially since the way both are designed (but particularly Border Skirmish) they feel like you’re actually contributing something to the Itani and the game universe because of the sector control system. I enjoy group play, but rarely get a chance aside from meeting people by chance in Border Skirmish, so I have been looking for a guild to help me find player wingmen to fly with and mentors to improve my skills. I am more than willing to help anywhere I can in any form of skirmish or similar engagement. I have thus far been tentative about engaging in PvP, but I wish to learn and gain confidence in this area too. I have read through all the rules and diplomacy carefully, and am more than willing to follow them if it means being a part of the guild. Please consider my application.

(As I said before, DEDICATED Combat Pilot. I'm not planning to take up mining any time soon, or "full" trading. Most of my trade xp comes from delivery missions, which I do enjoy as a break from combat, or when I don't like the available combat missions, as well as from mixed-xp missions such as escort.)

Just headin’ out for another skirm now! Yeah baby, locking and loading!!! See you guys out in Deneb! (actually right now I’m grinding for my valk but you had to admit that was kinda cool)

UPDATE: WOOT!! Valk!! Headin' to Deneb for real now to test it on some Serco!

Waffles of Soggy

I do admit, that was kinda cool. We will see you out there.
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* drazed thinks this one will be eager to join the station conquests :)

Baekma Goji

Haha welcome to the guild Micool, great application, if i see you online ill do some BS with you for sure.
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