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Application Watsoni

Started by Watsoni, November 27, 2010, 09:31:16 pm

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Hello All,

I was recently invited to join ITAN.  I don't meet the stated requirements at this time as I am in my first week of play.  I have:

  • Licenses 6/8/6/6/6
  • 0 PvP kills though I have been fodder
  • Current kills is 787 though 1000 is in reach.
  • 0 Hive Queen kills though this is of great interest to me.
  • no Levi kills
  • I don't have access to the Valk yet
  • the Trading licenses for the Anti-cap Ship Rag
  • I have been working on Basic Miner II as well to get access to the Moth, only 5000 units to go or so.

I hope to get my CL up to get the valk soon and that should get my kill count up. I am pleased that the guild is active and is interested in nation-based PvP.   I am extremely new to VO and not an Uber PvPer in any game.  None of the pure trading/mining guilds interest me as they seem to all want to avoid national pvp.  I want to learn about ship builds, pvp, trading, mining, the various crafting and mission trees, hive killing, etc.

My goals are to explore the game and enjoy it all.  I am casual though and can't commit long hours to the game. 

Ah yes, and I am not a young pup, I am in my fourth decade.


You're already in! I suppose someone should get around to changing the stated requirements on the forums because they're incorrect now. <.<

Also, welcome to the guild. :P

Baekma Goji

Awesome, it's always great to have new people that want to learn. Unless we're busy defending stations everyone in the guild should be able to answer any questions you have.

Keep training against the hive, try different ships and setups, dont be afraid to take from the guild bank if it means youll learn something new.

Welcome to Itan.
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Foo Fighter

you're at 6/8/6/6/6 after 1 week of playing  ?
wow, that is good.
welcome to ITAN :)

now you just need to figure out how to kill players in PVP :)
Semper Fide

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