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Applicatio : Lt. Loki

Started by lokichaotico, September 21, 2010, 05:45:14 pm

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Hello. I have been on VO 2 days straight and am making progress. My emphasis has been on trading and mining. I was told to apply by Thespian. My licensing is at 1/1/0/2/1 and growing. I would love to join ITAN. I hope to hear from you all soon.

Waffles of Soggy

Application received and accepted! Welcome!
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Veda Styx

Welcome to the guild Lt. Loki!

Let me know if you need help getting faction standing with grey space factions such as Corvus, Ineubis, Orion, tunguska or Xang Xi ( corvus, orion and xang xi are ones which are rather important).

If and when you do, my Behemoth XC and I are willing to lend a hand in running procurement missions.

-Veda, resident "Illest Rapper", along with seidl/sentinel one
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Welcome, Loki!!! ;D

I told you you'd get in.  ;)
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Sa Prosol


Welcome to our guild. :)


Hey, welcome to ITAN.


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yes i sometimes read this forum! :O


Wait, what? Illest rapper?

Also, welcome Loki

Veda Styx

whoops, that's right, you're spedys alt :P, not seidl ><

I was rapping freestyle with seidl on 100 a few weeks ago.

- Styking it to the Serco since 4063.


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damn alts!

i'd like you freestyle rapping during a nation war over voicechat!


Drazed suggested I apply to Itan. He and most people know me as Ninjr levels at 13/14/14/15/15 who has killed over a thousand queens and 42 leviathans. This was my first character but I switched to a UIT character so I could join EMS. Otherwise this is where my natural inclinations lie. I offered to beta test  plugins for him so he suggested I come over here and request to join so I could access them. I'm at the 4th level of Helio miner (whatever that is called) and Basic Miner 3 etc.


I see no problem with you joining, but next time port a new thread. ;)
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