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Application: LeHack

Started by LeHack, March 14, 2010, 09:28:18 am

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March 14, 2010, 09:28:18 am Last Edit: March 14, 2010, 09:31:16 am by LeHack
Hello to all ITAN members

After almost a year with VO, I finally decided I'd like to join this guild.
I have crafted my skills equally, so I can mine, trade, escort, combat, whatever is required at the moment.
My current licences are:
Also got me some badges in all areas:
Combat: PVP Veteran (25k), Queen Hunter II, Veteran Hive Hunter II
Trade: Basic Trader IV
Mining: Basic Miner II, Heliocene Miner II

My fraction standings are Neutral(>0)/Respect with most of the fractions with two exceptions, for the Itani I'm a Pillar of Society, and the Serco Hate me :)

I'm currently working on my standings with the UIT corporations, to have at least Respect from all (never know when they can come in handy).

I never stood down a fight, and always fought till the end (mine or my rivals).

PS. Outside VO I'm a programmist, so I can use my skills to aid the ITAN members. I already took one shot at LUA, and made myself a simple audible CTC launch notifier (not much to share yet, but proved to be helpful).


Yer welcomed dude!
* spidey will play for the next week  i will bring this guild back to the top where it belongs to be RAWR
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Waffles of Soggy

Glad to see you applied. See you out there.
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Welcome, LeHack. Hope to see you soon.
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Veda Styx

Harrow LeHack!

Welcome to the guild!

& we will see you ingame =]
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