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Forth requests to join the [ITAN} guild

Started by Forth, February 12, 2008, 04:53:31 pm

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Hi, My name is Forth

Have been playing for a couple of months now focusing mostly on combat and trading. I enjoy fighting but want more experience taking down big things and love playing coop with others. Have done lots of BP and a couple of BS. I am levels 7/8/7/6/- fight mostly using vultures but would like to learn how to use swarms better.

I also enjoy long hail trading flights and escort, anything where I can make a quick buck on the side!

Mostly I am looking for more coop and group play, especially pvp

Please consider my application to your guild :)


Waffles of Soggy

Nice a trader. We could use some of those. He's got my vote.
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