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Looking to join

Started by DarkSun tNnt, December 13, 2007, 05:07:54 pm

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DarkSun tNnt

I just started playing vendetta, I'm looking for a guild to get me going and I was pointed in your direction. I can't say that I'll bring a lot to the corp but I'm a fast learner and hope to improve quickly, in the meantime I'm sure I'll make a good meat shield  ;D

My ingame name is DarkSun t'Nnt (note the apostrophe, your forum doesn't seem to like them), I'm itani, I have 2/2/1/1/- on the licence thingies and I usualy play between 2pm and 9pm uk time most days.

MR. Bean

probably not...

Mr. Bean, giving you excess smilies since 4433. Oh, wait. Not anymore 'cause Leber's gonna take away his ability to post smilies.

DarkSun tNnt

who or whats a genka and what makes me one  ???


He ain't Genka.

Trust me ;)

Some random crap saying that's mildly philosophical.

DarkSun tNnt

That's good to know... I think.

Now that we've established I'm not Genka (Is he another vendetta player?). How about me joining your guild, I would like to if you'll let me in.


Hi, talk to me ingame. :)

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