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Application of Itan Guild

Started by Hotices, April 21, 2017, 02:49:07 am

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Leader of ITAN Guild,

I'm requesting for guild membership of Itan. I'm inexperience pilot PvP but I'm active in trading, mining and still training for great tactics when combating.

My license (2/1/0/3/2) is not compatible with your requirement guild because I'm newbie pilot and played about 3 days but I'm in progress for combative pilot and upgrading my combat license.

What I thought about Itan is a respected guild in Itani and universe also have a lot of experience pilot to keep peace of Itani and keep out enemy of Itani.

Thank you for you time reading my request and please consider my application.

I'm newbie,

*Hot+Ice+s = Hotices*


Find us on channel 11 and we'll talk :)

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