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Application for Discord.

Started by discord., March 31, 2017, 01:18:52 am

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hello its me again, i had a mini hiatus of vendetta online, but i got back with it a few months back and still doing deneb. my licenses are 9/10/10/10/5. I know somewhat pvp still but i think i got it better down with the new X-1 that i unlocked a few weeks ago. i still know and check the rules just in case something was change and i accept them still. i will wait for a reply if i am accept back, just in case someone wanted to know my time is global mountain time. been playing vo for almost a year now, i like hive skirmishes, deneb, killing queens and trading around in the system for money that i can use for said stuff i join in on.
Need a body disposed? I know many ways out here in space, I am your guy for the job then


Welcome back to ITAN.

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