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Application for Revenent

Started by revenent, October 05, 2016, 05:55:11 pm

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I would love to join this guild, as I got into this game on the itani side and loved the nation after reading the backstory.

I am fairly new to the game, at combat level 4, and mostly i'm trying to level up to use heavy ships (the rag is my favorite). I've played the border wars, and also have delved a bit into greyspace to see it (died twice, but i killed off a pirate on my phone :3). I mostly play on pc with controller but sometimes just play on my phone for fun. Right now i'm using gemini missles, and soon i want to start using flares/rockets in my heavy ass ship. I love the idea of a destroyer ship, lining up a few lucky shots, vs a little quick fighter dancing around wearing down their enemy. I hope to hone those skills, and ofc i wouldn't be using missles at all unless it's needed for certain actions (tbh they are pretty cheap in the twitch style gameplay this game utilizes).

I have a very hectic life, and don't have much time to play the game. I can play here and there, and would like the ability to jump in for some casual pvp, more like group sortie runs or something. I'm an eco student on track for my degree, so some weeks i could play for 20 hrs a week, some weeks i'd be out in bumfuck nowhere doing work. I hope it would be fine to have my type of player in your guild, as i might not be able to be invested in efforts to bolster the guild all the time, however the time i could spend i'd love to help the war effort for the itani.

I also have a family and most of the time of my playing i need to get up and do something for someone, which i would see would cause issues to group play like that. I don't mean to be a neuisence, but when my kid needs help i get up. This is a game. i hope this can also be accepted; again i'd rather be up front and let people know that hey, i might have my ship just sit there for a few mins and im sorry if that causes issues. Of course there would be times where i'd have a few hours to just myself, nobody needing my constant help in the house, and during those times i could really apply my efforts to whatever you guys need me for.

Anyways, i apologize if this was longer than most applications; i wanted to make sure to describe accurately the type of player i am before joining your group. I have experience with these types of open multiplayer, as i used to play eve online for a bit before i pursued my education, and the corps/alliances are sometimes incredibly secular and secrative (was fun for a bit but drama and spreadsheets was not in the trailer for that game lol....).

Thank you for your time, and hope you guys can find a nice fit for me!


oh, and also my licenses are 4/4/3/1/1, forgot to include that.


Look for an officer in-game for an introduction


I should have asked you what time of day you play, and I should have said that I can be found on ch 11 when I'm on.  My play time is a bit erratic currently due to work, but I'll try to be on more often even if inactive, in order to meet up with you an others.  My usual time is 10 pm to midnight eastern US time.

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