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EMS and ORE = DO NOT SHOOT, even if they're Serco.

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Started by discord., August 11, 2016, 05:39:03 pm

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hello its discord again.

i like to join again i have a short time right now so i will give you guys the basic stuff and some you already know, i like deneb battles, i am full subbed player and plays on PC, my lic is 6/5/4/6/5, i am mostly online a lot but sadly i cant do any fighting at the moment becuase i have somthing that is making my ping very high and stuff is slow i am trying to fix it or get diffrent ISP, i am sure you can find me on the last week or last 2 weeks for deneb battles, i was in a few guilds but was not told i can do deneb battles so i left them they were: TRI, ROCK, TGFT, and i want to join back to ITAN because we have a good name in deneb battles and other itani relating stuff. for more info plz find me in game or send me a email that is 'dustinruijter@gmail.com' and i will answer any question i have missed. good day and i hope i can join back and as alwasy for the glory of itani!  PS i have kinda bad english so if i made a mistake for a word or wrong grammar please ignore that or correct me either way.
Need a body disposed? I know many ways out here in space, I am your guy for the job then


Look for ARF or I on channel 11


Why did you leave?

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