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Application for discord.

Started by discord., August 02, 2016, 12:48:52 pm

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hello i am not used kind of application making, so please bare with me if i do a mistake and also english is not my first language and if i forgot somthing please tell me.

my player name discord.   that dot at the last part of the name must is there cus on vendetta someone already had the name.

my licence is    5/5/4/2/-  i been more busy at deneb battles but soon doing mining and also soon proc missions.

i have an alt, he name is scared star, he was in tgft but i left and then i been focus on making an itani alt.

what i like to do is mostly deneb battles and its way easyer on computer.

i have a few plugins their name is: trade assist, infnite turbo modifide for stacking, /honk, targetless, tab reply++, show players in sectors, M.A.I.D, auto R/R ( auto repar and reload) i would also get an auto log in but i have no idea how to work it,

i read the vendetta online back story i an dearly hate the serco even more, and also that 300+ ( i forgot name and age kind of) year old man from itani beat the crap out of that serco guy in the dual was an awesome part. ( going to be honest, everything about itani was awesome)

i have been perminum player for 3 weeks now, 2 weeks on a key and now so far 1 week on a pay perminum 1 month, i have still a few cash so when 1 month is over i can get 3 payed months.

if i missed anything please let me know and i will be on for a few hours today i have some work to do soon. my time zone is: UTC:7:00 mountan time canada.
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Welcome to the guild. :)

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