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Application for Jestano Onis

Started by Jestano, July 13, 2016, 03:22:09 pm

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Hi all :)
Hope you don`t mind i used Galanoths application as template, I thought it was a good setup :)

Licenses: 3/3/3/2/2
Active: I am at GMT+2 and mostly active between 1700 and 0000
Alts: Yes, one, character name will be given upon interview.
Bio: I like more or less every aspect of the game, except piracy, I find it challenging that they are there and they give the game soul and entertainment, but for myself I do nothing that isn`t honorable.
I also come with a reference and a recommendation from one of your council members.

Note: I am currently online playing, and will be for at least 5 more hrs, hope you`ll cath me when I`m online :)



I'll look for you on channel 11


I think you just missed me yesterday, I am currently online, channel 11 selected :)

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