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Application of kopis solestia

Started by kopis solestia, November 11, 2014, 09:28:55 am

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kopis solestia

November 11, 2014, 09:28:55 am Last Edit: November 13, 2014, 10:29:37 am by kopis solestia
well first of you will probaply want to know that i have another character that is serco and in @x guild which is a pirate guild, i must say that when i play on jopelinski (the serco character) it will be as i play normally, no changes in the fact that i still will shoot at ppl if they shoot me first, and i havent pirated anyone yet and havent reseived any credits for safe passages, i joined the guild so i could travel more safely in grey space, thats all about him
well kopis solestia is my itani, it will become my main character and i will get combat 3 tonight and i have premium left till tomorrow, after that i will go back to free to play and the maximum levels i can have are 4, i have played about 4 weeks now and i had the account when the f2p thing didnt exist and i played until i had to pay and thats when i stopped, but now i have been playing for 4 weeks and i have used a friend key to get the 2 week premium which ends tomorrow, my favourite activities are hunting queens and farming arklans from dual queens, i also play a lot of border skirmish in deneb and i just love killing the enemy nations players, (on jopelinski i wont usually kill itani or uit or serco unless they shoot at me) and im very loyal unless the guild becomes inactive, thats when i will leave, but i believe u guys are very active and because of that i think this guild will be great, and i have a present for you guys, i will sell weapons like avalons and such if i get some good ones, for you guys at a discount of 50-25% thats about 500.000 or 750.000 for an avalon, and i accept the rules and stuff from your guild, ill help you how i can, i play wery often and u guys can ask me to help and ill help you if i can, and i know i can equip any weapons at conquerable stations and ill help the ones that are making tridents by storing the synthetic silksteel at the stations, if you need to know more, ask me ingame or in here, my ign is kopis solestia and one more thing, i have a ton of weps stored in initros on jopelinski, including 100 chaos swarms so if u need any ill be glad to sell you some in uit space. thats some info on me and my chars and i hope its enough and i hope that jopelinski is no big deal to u guys, i can spy for u guys in @x too if necessary.


Hi there, I hope to see you in-game soon.  You can contact us in channel 11 and we can hook up for some group activities.


A period.. would not go amiss.

Anyway welcome to the forums. 

kopis solestia

thanks, i appreciate this and i read someone others applications and they were a lot shorter than mine but mine makes ppl think im serious, in my opinion.


I know lol, but I nearly didn't read it all due to it being absurdly punctuated (non-existent) lol.


i can spy to u guys in @x too if necessary.

This sort of bothers me. Just keep your characters separate and enjoy the game. If you're willing to spy on @X, a guild who pretty much does things out in the open, what good is a promise that you won't do the same against us?

kopis solestia

hmm...... good question, well because i dont pirate and i dont really like pirates and as i said im in the guild cause i want to be able to move in gray more freely, and i dont need to worry about @x pirates killing me if im in the same guild, and i dont spy on itan cause its different, @x are mostly pirates and u wiml probaply want tl know if they are blocking a wormhole

kopis solestia

and i usually dont spy on ppl, and my levels are now capped at 4 on jop, also i will leave the @x guild if necessary for safety precautions
if you need me to leave the @x guild for safety reasons


Itan is a strong guild. We don't need insider information to succeed. As it is @x is not really a threat.

kopis solestia

understood and well, ill be in deneb and in itan system killing queens and doing border skirmish on kopis solestia, and btw im getting combat 3 atleast today and probaply going to be doing some stuff like selling avalons in the chat

kopis solestia

im gonna go online right now, and ill hopefully see u guys in space


You don't  need to spy but feel free to hop back over for a battle if we get bored of chasing ONE or if you feel like being naughty just practice alt sep
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