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Application Of Jacob Keyes

Started by Jacob Key(e)s, August 26, 2014, 10:22:56 pm

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Jacob Key(e)s

*Begin transmission*
Greetings Guild of ITAN,my name is Jacob Keyes and I desire to join your ranks.But first here is my backstory:My father was a Captain in the itani Defense Force for my years intill one day he was KIA in a border conflict. However before his trident went down he took three other serco tridents down with him.As I saw my fathers emtpy casket being lowered into the ground I made a promise to his grave,I would make him proud and defend my nation. So as soon as I was of age I took the basic Pilot test, did the training missions and signed up in Deneb.As I was fighting I met my comrade Hepfree ,who after the battle took notice of my skill and desire to serve and protect , sent me to Zok to request further instructions to join.And now here I am...
*Transmission terminated*

That is my ingame persona,outside of it I am a high school student with a part time job(mostly going to play in the wee hours due to homework and such)
*My licenses are5/5/2/2/1
*I have full subscription
*I play on android
*I have +957 itani standing and +227 with UIT(respected)
*I do not have much experience in PvP with only four kills to my name.
*I play to have fun
Sleep is for da weak


Sounds cool mate.
What time zone are you in?

Have a look for us in-game :)

Jacob Key(e)s

Eastern seaboard of the USA.I need to look on channel 11 right?
Sleep is for da weak



yeah get him in AP he says he's on late late and wee hours someone please invite him.
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Arianna Shadowhawke

Cool. Cool. Sounds like a fun guy.

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