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Aplication: Dave Cell

Started by Davecell, April 26, 2014, 08:34:07 am

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I'm Dave Cell, from Portugal.
At this point, I have a lite subscription (limits me to level 3 in everything), but I am planning on acquiring a full sub, if my work situation becomes stable. I am almost reaching combat Lvl 3, and although I love to play by myself - given some specific tasks - I am also a team player.

I have read the ITAN rules, and I agree with every single and one of them. I will comply and act as required.

As of this moment, my focus on the game has been trading and mining. So far, my combat skills are still under training, but one of my goals is to be able to excel on any of these three areas.
In real life, I'm a musician. I have a band and a solo-project, and I frequently do some gigs around Portugal, so I try to play VO during the day - in my work time, where I do some mining and trading - and somedays I can play at night, and I can help in any squirmish or mission required. Please understand that my location time is Portugal, so I'm located on Western European Summer Time (WEST) +0100 UTC.

I've been playing Vendetta for three weeks, now. I love to proceed with trading, retrieval, delivery, manufacturing and mining missions, but I also want to be able to participate in combat missions as well. I want to be a worth member of ITAN.

From ITAN, I expect a strong alliance of people who work with similar goals within the game, and work to defend our own space from the Serco faction, and the Hive menace. I want to improve myself as a whole within the faction, and help in any area required.
Note: I do not hate Serco, as I understand their reasons to engage in combat with us, and therefore let it be known that I will not attack them unless I am provocked into a fight, like being attacked randomly - and yes, I have been "destroyed" for two times while I was mining by a Serco individual, but I will let it go and prepare myself to defend myself in the future.

I do not have an Alt character, and I do not plan to have one. If for some reason I do, I will let you know.

Therefore, I leave my aplication here with you, for your review.

I have contact with Zok, and my online name is Dave Cell.
Have a good day!


Arianna Shadowhawke

Nice Intro Dave. +1

Jacob Helios

You got my vote.... we ARE voting here, right?

Good introduction, I myself prefer to keep many personal details secret, but in the end, it's your choice, and there is something to be said about open honesty.

"The world is a terrible place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." - Albert Einstein


Wow :)

I do apreciate your comments, and your trust.

I'm not a very good fighter (as of yet), and today I tried to defend the I-8 the best I could, but I realized that I need more training and better equipment. On the other hand, I was able to start helping the Coalition with some ore. More on the way, very soon! :)
I'm doing some combat missions now, and soon I will start leaving ore on the designated place with Jacob, so I can help you as fast as I can. Untill I get the full sub, I won't be able to rise the level, so I will keep doing my best to stay low and get some resources (ore and trading) for the Coalition.

Anyway, I meant to ask: do you use any shared plugin? Like a Coalition-only plugin for comms or targeting? I'm new to VO, and I did not install any plugin, yet. So if you can point me on some plugins you can recommend, I would apreciate it very much.

Once again, thank you for your consideration, and I will do my best to help to keep the name of our Coalition on good word, and to keep our Nation safe from Serco (roleplay, now eheh)!

Thank you!


Welcome to the guild. :)


Thank you, Sir! :)



Welcome, glad to have you!

I'd be super down to give you some combat practice when I see you online! Combat missions unfortunately are not much help for refining your PvP... the only way to improve is experience. Luckily I've played this game for way too long & picked up a couple of useful tips I can hopefully share :)



Thank you all! :)

And yes, I really do need the training on fighting...I've noticed this game has it's tricks while fighting, and this is kind'a complicated at times, and I'd gladly make some combat practise with you, Smittens. :) This week is going to be very, very complicated for me even to log to VO because my girlfriend is moving, and I'm going to help her out and etc, so I won't be online untill perhaps this next weekend or something like that..I might try to login once in a while during the day, using my tablet - which is becoming a true nightmare because combat is so hard and frustrating on Android... - to see if I can do some mining for the Coalition..but anyway, thank you all for welcoming me :)
I hope to become a good addition to the team!


Cool, I'll keep an eye out for you! Don't stress too much about a busy week, my playtime is sporadic at best :D

Do you have a computer setup in addition to your tablet? Fighting with a touch screen is pretty much impossible, but I know some members (Arianna for one) have found solutions like external controllers. But I still think a keyboard and mouse is the best setup :)

And there are a number of tricks for general combat, but not as many as you'd think... mostly it's just understanding the basic physics of fighting + lots and lots of practice.


Yeah, I do have a computer! Normally, that's where I play. Recently I've been having *a lot* of work, and haven't been able to login during the day to make - at least - some mining. But anyway, I want to acquire an external Wifi or Btooth keyboard/mouse kit, so that I can finally play correctly on my tablet.

I already had some spars online...I remember fighting with Agis III for a couple times, with a Vulture ship only equipped with 2 Neutron Blasters, and I almost won. :P I need a lot of practise, but I will want to. This game has a really great environment and I wanna continue to be a part of it. ;)


Don't get your hopes up for mouse support. You can use a bluetooth mouse with Android, but the way the OS supports it doesn't work with the game.

Bluetooth keyboards, joysticks, and game controllers work though.

Arianna Shadowhawke

If your tablet supports USB I find that the sietek p990 works better than any Bluetooth controller.

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