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Started by Vskye, March 20, 2014, 12:10:13 am

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I'd like you to consider my application into this guild for the 4th time?

I've been dabling in VO for about 8 years or so, and am subscribed.

I'm currently Serco and I think Itani is pretty pissed off at me, but I can fix that. ;)
Levels are: 14/12/12/18/16

Reason for the application?  I think most of Serco are jerks, and I want to have fun.

I've also stole all of the tequilla  and won't tell where I dumped it until I'm allowed back in.  ;D

Thanks for your consideration on my application.  heh ;)


Though I am only a lowly member, I support Vskye's readmission. Today's Serco are a different breed of ugly, and a tough sonnuvabitch like Vskye would be a real plate of broccoli right in their faces. Plus he can help train up our pilots in the ways of blasting reds (literally!). In addition, it sends a clear message to everyone in the galaxy that Itan is willing to work with anyone who can align with our objectives.

I've been led to believe that their may be a few personal grievances between Vskye and current members, but an important part of being morally superior is forgiveness and I strongly believe any adversarial parties can resolve their dislike in the face of our common goals. If leadership thinks it could still be contentious, I would be willing to 'sponsor' Vskye's entry to ensure that things go as smoothly as they should with such a strong pilot joining this awesome guild!

Arianna Shadowhawke

March 20, 2014, 03:10:39 am Last Edit: March 20, 2014, 07:11:26 pm by Arianna Shadowhawke
While I am relatively new to VO myself, I have always found Vskye to be a worthy and honorable opponent for a toaster. For that I would second his entry to our guild if he is OK with having all of his cyber implants removed and attend Itan reeducation classes.
However, that would also be the reason I would have him remain  Serco, so that we have at least someone respectable for opposition. These points being made, I will support whatever decision that the Officers make, but will be glad to accept him should that be the choice. Oh, and he would have to change color before having his application considered.


March 20, 2014, 05:31:00 pm Last Edit: March 20, 2014, 05:48:37 pm by Panther
Vskye is no different than any other ex pirates we let in as long as he changes nations I totally agree that serco nationalists are either loathsome or morons and cowardly Vskye has maintained principles of a good all around player since I've know him and I have no reason to doubt his word.

ps I think he can keep some of his implants but attend the Itani education classes for sure
Shrewd as Obadiah Stane Compassionate as Tony Stark looks, talks, acts like Lil' Abner.


Itan will not admit Serco.
Until it is seen that you are Itani, this application will not be considered.


I swear to god man, you've done nothing but enter and re exit quickly. And you joined the Serco. -1 to his application, he should not be let in.


Aww, Snk hurt my feelings.  Oh ya, I'm serco yet.. I don't have any!  :P

I agree to attend reintrodudtion camp, er.. sessions. ;)  I'll start fixing up my standings shortly.


March 20, 2014, 10:39:02 pm Last Edit: March 28, 2014, 02:09:29 am by Panther
By the way, be careful, Itan is not a revolving door. You are also in a hostile pirate guild, treating Itan like a first option "only if all goes well" doesn't sit right with me. If you were seriously thinking of Itan as your guild, then begin to show some initiative, shoot Serco, ctc, do deneb warfare, and don't pirate. We're not going to admit you on your "word" since you've just left us for CLM many times before.


This is your fifth application.

Arianna Shadowhawke

March 21, 2014, 12:52:49 am Last Edit: March 21, 2014, 01:02:52 am by Arianna Shadowhawke
 Thank you for the background info PA.  Seems to be a history of uncertain loyalties here. While I am happy to welcome any loyal Itan or repentant Serco to our guild, and one who fights and/or dies without qq'ing, I find that I would have to decline membership to someone who's loyalty can be swayed by bribes or promises of greener pastures. Besides, we really do need some good and active pirates and Serco in the VO 'verse otherwise we would have to change the game to "Smurfville", and where's the fun in that? :-)


I admit I've been rather flakey on this entire guild commitment deal.  I shall start in earnest this weekend.. Invite when you think I've done my part.



Fixed faction issues.

Itani now, and POS.  Serco is KOS.  I'm pos, respected or admired with every other faction minus UIT (hate) and Tung is dislike.


Does anyone else remember the time where he left four times and turned Serco?


Really Snk, if your that concerned about it, wait 6 months or whatever.  I'm in no rush.


Clearly I'm proof that with the right humble attitude, a member who has formerly abused the privilege of Itan membership can atone and prove worthy of the glory our guild tag bestows.

Vskye now meets all of the concrete requirements to join, in addition to showing the right attitude.

I'm sure no one here believes joining Itan must be a for-life membership. Perhaps instead of harping on incurable past events, we should instead do something useful and discuss what period of time constitutes an effective "term" in Itan.

Overall it strikes me as rather petty and insecure to hold it against anyone who decides they would rather play this video game in a different manner than the rest of the guild. In fact, I think Vskye deserves some amount of credit for being respectful enough to resign when his whims change and would threaten the guild image. We've had plenty of pilots (myself included) abuse their membership in Itan WHILE wearing the guild tag proudly. Vskye's actions, though they strongly indicate a certain fickleness, at least have reflected entirely on himself and have not tarnished Itan.

I'm not aware of the circumstances behind his 2nd/3rd/4th re-admissions (AP perhaps you could fill us in?), but in this case Vskye seems genuinely committed to a more dedicated and longer term with us. If he is willing to commit to three months without leaving or forcing expulsion through breaching the rules (including the rules on bribes!), I say we emphasize our Itani heritage, forgive him, and offer him one last chance to join Itan. It would just be so despicably Serco to turn away a potential ally over such trivial past grievances.

(And to reiterate my initial statement, I would be willing to sponsor Vskye's membership with my own, taking full responsibility if he breaches any terms we agree upon)


Thanks for the support Smittens. :)

On another more entertaining note to some of you.. yesterday I was wondering around Deneb and kept getting shot at by turret in non station areas.  I just shrugged it off.

Come to find out today when I went to sign up for the Itani military that I was denied cause it still thinks I'm in the serco military.  This might explain why the turrets were shooting at me. heh.  Ray is fixing it, but ya.

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