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Application: Arianna Shadowhawke

Started by Arianna Shadowhawke, December 16, 2013, 12:47:57 am

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Arianna Shadowhawke

Hi All,
Player name is Arianna Shadowhawke..lvls 3/3/1/6/1
The only other Mmo's I've played more than 1 day are "The Infinite Black" and "Forgotten Tales"...I am more of a casual gamer and prefer playing co-op or solo games rather than PvP...I recently purchased the 3 mo Premium Subscription. I live in the Pacific NW, USA. My online time is usually btwn 1800 to 0600 but no time for long play Sun to Wed due to work..I have more time for extended play Thurs thru Sat...


A willing fighter likes trade but not afraid to fight will be an asset to Itan helped me by escorting a moth to get Annies for newb kits.
Shrewd as Obadiah Stane Compassionate as Tony Stark looks, talks, acts like Lil' Abner.


Look forward to seeing you in-game.  What part of the universe are you haunting at this time?


Hi there! Good to see your application. See you ingame!

Arianna Shadowhawke

Currently still a newb, Harpo. So, staying mostly in Itan system working on combat and heavy weapons skills atm. Look forward to seeing you all in game tho. Fly safe! B-)


When did Panther suddenly become Canadian?
Anyways, it'll be nice to have another person working logistics. From what I understand, it's quite a peaceful time at the moment, and a trader/miner would be pretty useful.


Not exactly peaceful, br1 is active again, a group of four have been taking stations.

Arianna Shadowhawke

   ;D Thank you ITAN Mates for welcoming me in. I hope to be able to serve the cause well (DEATH TO SERCO) and have some fun while doing so. Fly Safe and see y'all in game. ;D


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Welcome to the guild :)

I've noticed you've logged in really late a few times to find nobody around. Missed most of the action by about two hours.

The majority of us are on in the evenings for US/Canada time zones. We've got a few members in Europe who're on earlier in the day and Panther's in Australia, but he logs in crazy late at night for his time zone.

Arianna Shadowhawke

Yeah, I live in US PTZ and work 12hr graveyard shifts Sun to Wed. on my work days I tend to have to log or AFK randomly. By the time I can get on for any stretch even my days off I sometimes find that I am the only active player of any faction or usually just a couple of Serco or UIT ppl on. However, this does make running some of the solo trade, mining and research missions safer. :-). The other factions that are on at that time usually leave me be and are even quite friendly in Gen chat also. While it would be nice to see more of the guild on when I am I'm more concerned with not being able to do as much for the guild or it's members due to my schedule or availability, but as long as you guys will have me and keep in touch I will continue to do what I can when I can.


I'm very unpredictable in my logging in, so I can't really belong to any time zone.

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