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SIdeburns's application

Started by Sideburns, June 23, 2013, 06:52:40 pm

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i'm a VO subscriber from May 2013 and my license are 9/9/7/9/4
i like the action but i'm still learning to fight (i always get kicked by flares...)
I never pirate and and i don't like Serco and FAMY.
I'm in Europe but English is not my first language, so maybe i'm logging-out when the big part of you log-in. If this is not a problem i'd like to join ITAN.
i accept ITAN's policies


Glad to meet you.  I'll watch for you on channel 11 and say hello

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Hey Sideburn, we had a couple fights today, you seem like youve got the right stuff to be a member of Itan. We can teach you a lot about fighting someone who is using flares, and pvp in general, ill see you in the 'verse.
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Howdy Sideburns, glad to see a new application. We look for active combatants, those who are willing to learn, and persistence :)
I'd be glad to train you to be better than me, but my subscription has lapsed, but I hope to see ya in December!


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