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EMS and ORE = DO NOT SHOOT, even if they're Serco.

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Guild Relations [12/4439]

Started by ARF, December 21, 2011, 06:28:17 pm

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December 21, 2011, 06:28:17 pm Last Edit: March 11, 2013, 11:40:26 am by ARF
For ease of access and reference, I'm posting this summary of ITAN's diplomatic relations here.

These are guilds we have good relationships with and ITAN members are ordered not to fire upon them outside combat events and consensual duels.

  • ORE - Orbital Rock Extraction
    ORE has proven to be a valuable ally in combating the Prosus Hive as well as offering top-notch mining services many times in the past.

  • EMS - Emergency Mechanical Services
    EMS flies unarmed ships and offers, indiscriminately, repair services and assistance to all pilots in the galaxy.

  • SKV - Skygge Vakter
    SKV, fellow Itani who have fought along side us countless times against the Serco.

These are guilds who fight for the Serco in the war, have betrayed or declared war against ITAN, or represent a significant threat to the Itani people at large.

  • ONE - Big Red One
    ONE is a Serco military guild and sworn enemies of The Coalition of Itan. They fight us on the front in Deneb, assault Itani convoys in greyspace, and pose a threat to Itani pilots everywhere in the galaxy.

  • FAMY - La Familia
    FAMY is a dangerous and manipulative pirate cartel. Notorious for bribing officials to gain standing in nation space, they will often extort transport pilots for credits.

  • Axe - Accelerated Extermination of Everything
    Axe is a genocidal AI (or group thereof) with possible ties to the Hives. Often seen defending Leviathans from bombers, and attacking without warning, anyone and everything it comes across in space.

  • FR - Freeroam Industries
    FR is a militant separatist guild in the UIT. Though they operate a legitimate business within UIT borders, they protest the Serco/Itani war and the UITs involvement in supporting it. FR requently destroys both Itani and Serco supply convoys and represent a threat to Itani pilots within the UIT borders.

  • WGAF - Who Gives a ^*@#
    WGAF is the tag worn by the malevolent and omipotent being known as momerath42 who reportedly flies a modified EC-88 ship and, despite many attempts on it's life appears to be invulnerable. Do not engage this ship if encountered. Few who have in the past have survived to tell the tale and bring us what little is known about this entity.

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