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Application: Ants

Started by Ants, July 10, 2011, 04:58:46 pm

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Hi, I'm Mike from Michigan, US. I have a months subscription to VO, and have been playing for a little under two weeks. Ants is my first and only character. I currently have licenses 7/6/6/2/0 and a 951 rating with the Itani nation.

I've spent most of my time running hive skirmishes and investigations, trying to improve my combat skills. I'd like to join Itan to start trying group missions. I normally play around 12AM-3AM EST on weeknights.



Awesome I'll bee looking for you, I've bee busy elsewhere in the verse lately but I'll try to be on around those times to do some big skirms with you.


I've seen you a couple times in Itan Ant.. if you join the guild we can help out that mining and trading XP.  That's around the time that I play as well, I'll look for ya.  (I'm Bluewall as well)


Hi Ants, happy to see your application, I'll be looking for you in game to see about an invite to the guild.---Ixxa/Ipslet



Thanks, everyone, for letting me join in against the queens. I'm getting there.  :)

Otto Nemo


It was nice to have ya there, even if the 3 of us weren't enough to get the Leviathan.


Let me know next time theres a levi, I'll come and show yeh how to do it.

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