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Application - Caine Lee

Started by Caine Lee, May 10, 2011, 06:22:02 pm

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Caine Lee

My name is Caine Lee im 24 and I feel i would be a great fit for this guild. My licences are 7/7/6/3/2. This is my first month on the game but im sure im not going anywhere. I do like the game very much and im mostly interested in battle.

I have been in many small, medium, and large border battles and faught beside many of you already. I was referd here by some of your members and after a lot of reading about this guild and others i feel this is thee best fit for me.

Im eager to learn more about every aspect of the game and i thank everone in this guild who has already helped me. My main intrest however is combat. Im on just about every night trying to get people to come out to deneb, (where i spend most of my time) and join me in some battles.

I started playing on my android tab but quickly realized that that is only good for mining and trading and i now play mostly on my mac at home. My avail is mostly open. Im a musician so i have shows some friday nights but otherwise im good to go.

Let me know if there is any other info you may need from me and alo how you think i can help is guild.


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Give a shoutout on chan 11 and a certain bottom feeder might come and help you out. ;)
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Welcome, can you make us an ITAN theme song? :D >.>

Caine Lee

Ha ha yeah i def can. I can work on someing anthem like  ;)


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Because its fucking groovy.
Some random crap saying that's mildly philosophical.

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Welcome to ITAN! Sorry it took so long to get to you, CRAZINESS! happened.
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Welcome Caine.  See you in Deneb as Sonus.
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