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This place seems familiar..

Started by Deleteme, July 31, 2010, 11:54:17 am

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Hello ITAN. I've flown with a few of you in-game and recently got invited. I gotta say it looks like I'm gonna be having a lot of fun with the new station stuff and the fight for M14 :D

Waffles of Soggy

You have one of those faces... Have we met before? :P

Welcome (back) Sentinel One.
"Beneath the clouds lives the Earth-Mother from whom is derived the Water of Life, who at her bosom feeds plants, animals and men." ~Larousse
<WoS> suspenders and loincloth
<slime> my favourite

Veda Styx

was cool doing BP and Hive skirmish with you!

Good to have you back, even if I did not know you the last time you were in ITAN

- Styking it to the Serco since 4063.


Welcome back. :)

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