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Guild Relations [OUTDATED!]

Started by Sagiv Kor, August 26, 2008, 12:45:53 am

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It was black talon that shot me pulling out of Odia M-14. I hadn't even fully got out of the dock and was dead before I barely had time to hit the turbo button. Luckily I had just completed my run and was empty.
What are you supposed to do if you are holed up in a station and can't leave due to pirates just waiting for you? I was half tempted to load up a rag with gems and swarms and pull out and just fire as quick as I could.
Instead, I bought a corvus vult to either run for it or at least try to fight.
I was offered safe passage by Skrail via /msg for a... large payment however.

Almighty Bob

Aye. I don't get into flame wars anyways. Just trying to raise the alarm that they are active and targeting friendlies without discrestion it appears. The funny thing is when i first started playing VO, marcuse was actually pretty nice to me. I don't think he's the worst of the bunch. Its more like black talon and Skrail. However, marcuse is not excused just because he was nice a few times. I believe somone on 100 mentioned he paid Skrail and after payment was rendered was killed by another Zero pilot.


That is good Bob I think announcing events like this on 100 is a good thing it raises others awareness about what is going on you would be suprised to see how many people there are that will come to the aid of a holed up pilot just for a chance to kill some of these b00bs. I apologize if I sounded like I was accuseing you or anyone for that matter about flame wars it was mearly my intention to let EVERYONE know not to do it as one or two of our officers/councilors have been known to instigate these very things.

Almighty Bob

aye, and no it didn't sound like you were accusing me.  ;D

I agree totally it is important not to get into a flame war, sets a bad image for not only those involved, but guild as well. To my knowledge the only flaming and at that it was taunting was being done by marcuse, black talon, and Skrail. Mulvane and Waffles I must say handled themselves admirably and honorably.


Requesting [FIP]LostCause to be added to KOS list

Captain Sraer

GAAH! LOSTCAUSE!!!!!! What did he do?
Per Audacia ad Astra

Sagiv Kor

Added Sky


Can we add k'metreq to the list, he has shown much hostility towards me, and the itani nation. He shoots at my moth.. :(


March 29, 2009, 03:59:21 am Last Edit: March 30, 2009, 01:00:16 am by Estrian P
Also, could we add AgY to the KOS list, he is a serious pain when I'm trying to have consensual PvP in B-8.


he's in [sky]
Some random crap saying that's mildly philosophical.


* Estrian P never pays attention when he flies.

Veda Styx

This need's revising, or a completely new one to be created.

CHRN, SAS and SPEC should be added =]

- Styking it to the Serco since 4063.


Is SPEC even still around? I thought ritter dissolved his bunch and corrupted ONE instead.

Veda Styx

Oh yeah! Spec did indeed get dissolved.

Forgot he joined ONE, seem's like a bit of a loose cannon. Since Spec seemed to just kill everythinggg :P

And One are a wee bit more diplomatic / less trigger happy.
- Styking it to the Serco since 4063.

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