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Application Requirements

Started by Waffles of Soggy, March 14, 2011, 12:09:03 pm

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Waffles of Soggy

March 14, 2011, 12:09:03 pm Last Edit: December 11, 2013, 08:56:42 am by ARF
All applicants must be subscribers to Vendetta Online, include your subscription status in your application, and have combat level 3. Of course, be Itani, but also have Admire standing with the Itani Nation. Being a team player is a plus.

We like to have some combat experience with our recruits, be it PvP or running hive or border skirmishes with them, so we can get a feel for your playing style. It also gives us a chance to see where you need to improve and where we can help. But, we are not combat exclusive, if you would rather focus on trading or mining let us know.

Also feel free to tell us a bit about yourself.
   How long you've been playing Vendetta
   In game activities you like doing
   What you expect from [Itan]

Upon meeting the minimum requirement you will be interviewed by an officer (Lieutenant or Commander) for admission into the guild.  You must be prepared do the following.

State acceptance of Itan's policies.
Prove completion of the minimum requirements and a general time that you typically play so that we will have a better chance of finding you ingame.

*We request that you divulge the identity of your alternate characters, at the very least to the Officer which is responsible for your interview.  Background checks may be run on applicants at random before during and after the interview.

*Any characters divulged will not be shared beyond the officers.  In the event a character divulged presents a possible conflict of interest the affected character(s) will be shared with the council for review.  Such characters may include those with memberships in other guilds, particularly Enemy guilds.

Note.  You must register on the forum before you can post an application.  Registering and logging in will also allow you to see more of the forum, even if you are not planning to join the guild.
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OP Edited. Required level has been 3 for some time now.

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