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[Itan] Rules (Read Me)

Started by Sagiv Kor, August 26, 2008, 12:39:03 am

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Sagiv Kor

August 26, 2008, 12:39:03 am Last Edit: October 04, 2014, 02:32:21 pm by Panther

Rules of Engagement

1. No Running From Consensual Duels
    * If you start a fight, finish it
    * If you run out of ammo, die with dignity and next time bring energy. It was your choice to fight with ammo not theirs
    * If you die (and you will eventually), don't be surprised and don't whine!

2. Swarms have no place in duels
    * Swarms are not for dueling, their main purpose lies in large scale combat

3. ITAN will hail before engaging in duels
    *We do not shoot people in the back, even the enemy guilds/players
    * Make your intentions known, ITAN are not cowards

4. You will not commit acts of piracy while wearing your ITAN uniform



KoS Guilds/Players....standard rules do not apply i.e. fly to kill and stay alive

Hostile Enemy Guilds/ Players RoE apply shoot them until they surrender or are destroyed

Areas of consensual PvP....  all RoE apply except what the parties agree on

Ally/Neutral guilds....Do not shoot unless consensual

*   There is a difference between Enemy and Kill on Sight
*   Furballs do not call for singles combat, hail and engage the enemy.
*   Deneb is a war zone, furthermore it is Itani space, fight to win, the enemy is KoS.



What happens in ITAN stays in ITAN
    * Many of our members have secrets that are for ITAN only be it a plugin, botting tactic/location, trade route/mining spot -- here's a good rule of thumb to go by whether its to be kept secret or not - If someone else wants this information from you and they don't already have it, it's a secret keep it that way.



    *  Do not make fun of, disrespect or otherwise be rude to any [Itan] member especially on public channels.

    *  Positions are responsibilities, not powers. no one is to abuse them.

    *  Do NOT engage in flame wars on public channels, all this does is feed the trolls and make you look silly

Officers have full discretion towards the following of these rules and their enforcement. Violation can result in loss of temporary loss of forum privileges to expulsion from the guild. The Commander and Lts. have full authority on these matters this a military not the Government.


    Upon application to ITAN you may be asked to divulge your alts to the officer in charge of recruiting, they will then determine if you are a threat to our security if not you will be permitted in the guild. If you lie and we figure it out don't be surprised when you wake up and have no guild tag.

    You may also be required to meet certain specifications set by the officers prior to acceptance into the guild. We want people that are dedicated to ITAN not a bunch of freeloaders who don't care about our reputation.

ITAN is not a revolving door -- just because you were a member once does not mean you will get an automatic reinvite if you leave.

Sagiv Kor


Multiple Itan Characters

Having multiple alternate pilots in Itan is permissible only if the player's primary Itan pilot meets Itan's minimum requirements. 

Guild leadership must be informed of which primary the alternate is linked to.

Only one forum account per player.

If at any point an alternate pilot becomes a player's primary within Itan and fails to meet the established minimum requirements that character may be relieved of guild membership.  The pilot will however be free to apply for readmission upon meeting the minimum requirements.

Sagiv Kor

Updated as of 11/18/4436


Looks like I forgot to post the updates from the council discussion.


Where can I find serco to kill? I wanna kill em where they spawn

Les Paul


you can find a serco to kill every time you meet one of those toasters.


Every serco is to be shot upon.

If they're hiding in their holes, take a hound or hog mk2 into Sol and kill them.


Every serco is to be shot upon.

If they're hiding in their holes, take a hound or hog mk2 into Sol and kill them.
Ezra, I have had business dealings with many Serco (selling weapons, sss, etc) in exchange for credits. Is this a violation of ITAN(i) principles? I am what you would call a "weapons dealer' in VO.


I guess that's fine as long as said business partner isn't involved in any nationalist activites.

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